Answer where-to-buy questions via consumer self-service, help contact center agents be more efficient, and gather valuable product insights with Astute's turnkey product locator solution. Astute Spot helps consumers find nearby stores where they can buy your product, encouraging purchases while collecting data on consumer trends.

Make sure your products are easy to find so you don’t miss out on revenue. Here’s how:

More than a where-to-buy widget

Make where-to-buy information available across your digital properties, and drive better CX by embedding it alongside other self-service functionality within Astute’s award-winning chatbot.

Empower agents with direct CRM integration

In addition to making the information available for consumers to self-serve, it will be at your agent’s fingertips to help consumers who reach out.

Valuable consumer insight

Use Spot’s data to understand what products consumers aren’t able to easily find, where they are looking, and product demand trends. Robust reporting capabilities let you easily visualize your where-to-buy insights and make more informed decisions.

More Astute Spot™ features you'll love:

E-commerce results

Show consumers where to buy your products from online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar locations.

Multiple query options

Whether it’s guiding consumers via selection menus or selecting specific UPCs, Spot provides flexible approaches to product identification. Geo-location or a specified zip code can also be used to drive location.

Advanced reporting

Robust reporting capabilities, powered by Redshift and Tableau, allow you to easily visualize key where-to-buy insights and make decisions.

Customizable refresh options

If you offer seasonal items, or simply prefer more frequent data updates, Astute will work with you to determine the right refresh schedule and ensure customers get the most up-to-date information on where to find your products.

North American store data

Spot provides where-to-buy information for locations across the United States and Canada.

What makes Astute different?

Quick to deploy, easy to update.

A rapid deployment process and online interface for updating UPCs makes Astute Spot uniquely simple to maintain.

Agent interface for accurate where-to-buy answers.

Unlike standard product locators that only offer a consumer view, Astute gives agents access to searchable where-to-buy information for fast, accurate service.

Trusted data.

Astute leverages point-of-sale data from Nielsen, one of the industry’s most trusted names. In addition, we can use your proprietary data to power results.

Customers seeing success with Astute Spot™

"Astute Spot lets us offer consumers specific, helpful information about where to buy our products, helping them help themselves and freeing up significant time for our Consumer Relations team.""
– Angelika Husmann, Senior Brand Manager