Customers want frictionless transitions from channel to channel. SOS is the escalation engine that powers Astute Bot, allowing customers to seamlessly navigate self-service to agent chat, voice, and video – on any device – without needing to retell their story. The same engine allows you to proactively engage with select customers to drive purchase behavior or offer additional support.

Differentiate your customer experience by eliminating friction. Here’s how:

Customers always have an “escape hatch.”

Anywhere they interact with self-service, customers always have an easy way to seamless transition to a live agent. You can also opt to proactively escalate customers based on history, current behavior, online cart contents, and more.

Go with the flow.

Customers can easily and intuitively flow from text chat to a voice call to two-way video with an agent. SOS leverages your existing web and app infrastructure to route communications, reducing dependency on hotlines.

More context means less frustration for all.

Customers have a single, fluid conversation with your brand, no matter who they talk to and what tool they use to communicate. Agents use the same interface regardless of channel, and benefit from continuity throughout customer interactions.

More Astute SOS™ features you'll love:

In-context data transfer

Capture valuable consumer data and pass it to your team of agents for a personalized experience without the need for customers to repeat themselves.

In-app engagement

Connect with your consumers instantly and seamlessly in whatever channel they are using; there's no need for agents to jump from program to program.

Proactive escalation

Address consumer roadblocks by offering personal service at just the right moment. Proactive service is a pleasant surprise for customers, answering their questions before they even ask them.

Skills-based routing

Ensure consumers are matched with the agents who are best equipped to answer their questions.

Click to video chat

Answer complex product and service questions that require visual assistance. Agents can demonstrate product features and respond to complicated questions with two-way video.