Astute Announces Zipwhip Integration to Deliver Customer Service via Text Messaging

The integration allows service teams to support customers via text messaging using their existing business numbers for a smoother customer journey

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Astute Solutions today announced its integration with Zipwhip to provide customer service through a popular emerging service channel, text messaging. Zipwhip’s business texting software allows teams to text with customers through the company’s pre-existing business number. This software will be integrated with Astute’s consumer engagement products to provide seamless transitions through channels.

Text messaging is the preferred method for consumers to communicate with friends and family; naturally, they want to communicate with brands in the same way. For years, customers have been trying to get help from businesses by texting their 1-800 number, even if businesses have not supported it. Zipwhip enables brands to capitalize on the equity they already have in their toll-free numbers and reinvent their customer experience with the simplicity of text messaging. The solution provides a convenient, asynchronous way for customers to interact with brands — without needing to download additional mobile apps. The texting functionality also supports MMS, allowing agents and customers to exchange photos as needed during the service interaction.

Astute Solutions offers brands an additional way to support this emerging channel: Astute BotTM. Driven by narrow AI and natural language processing, Astute’s award-winning chatbot product can understand what customers are asking and engage in a conversation to solve their issues and provide answers. Whether texting Astute Bot or a live customer service agent, if the customer needs to escalate to a phone call or video chat, Astute SOSTM provides a seamless, one-click transition. The smart escalation software passes along all the pertinent context to the agent, and can even connect the customer to the same agent with whom they were texting.

“People spend a lot of time texting their friends, and expect to be able to communicate similarly with brands,” said Alex George, Chief Technology Officer at Astute Solutions. “We are looking forward to offering Zipwhip’s technology so that brands can serve their customers in their preferred channel, without requiring another app download in this age of ‘app fatigue.’ It’s all about reducing friction for customers and helping brands provide more efficient service.”

Zipwhip, a Seattle-based SaaS company, is modernizing the texting medium by adding text messaging to existing landline, VoIP and toll free phone numbers. Zipwhip pairs direct network connectivity with easy out-of-the-box software, so businesses of any size can give customers the choice to “text or call” and handle two-way text conversations at scale. Learn more about Zipwhip at

Astute Solutions builds intelligent software solutions for the world’s best brands, enhancing engagement with their customer communities by contextually blending human and artificial intelligence. Astute’s technology enables companies to provide more efficient customer service, protect their brands, and increase customer loyalty.

This press release originally appeared on BusinessWire.