iPerceptions' Digital Voice of the Customer solutions brochure

iperceptions collects feedback on your website, from your app, in-store and on all your other channels, and turns it into CX insights.

Our technology and experts do all the heavy lifting for you: from surveys to feedback tabs, research deployment, management, analysis and recommendations.


Why iperceptions?

  • Customize every aspect of your research, like respondent UI, survey triggers, invitation design, reporting dashboards and more. Ask questions the way you want to ask them. See data the way you want to see it.
  • Save time and money while iperceptions manages continuous survey changes and their impact on collection and data interpretation.
  • API integrates customer feedback into you favorite web analytics, CRM, customer support and session replay systems.
  • Research frameworks based on 18+ years of experience from 1000s of Voice of the Customer programs with Fortune 1000 brands.