Collect and analyze website visitor feedback,
with a team of experts — dedicated to you.

iPerceptions gives you full-service digital Voice of Customer analytics, tailored to your needs.

iPerceptions' platform & experts analyze feedback from your visitors to help improve your website performance.

Know the "why" behind the "what" of your website analytics, and turn assumptions about your visitors into facts.

Collect voice of customer feedback across devices, websites, and brands.

Collect visitor feedback

  • Surveys on your website, mobile, tablet and in your app
  • A better respondent user experience
  • Complex feedback projects on multiple websites, brands, regions and languages
iPerceptions' advanced analysis platform

Get advanced insights quickly

iPerceptions' advanced analysis platform turns your visitor feedback into clear insights

  • Website improvement priority calculator helps you quantify which areas to focus on
  • Benchmark yourself against competitors in your industry or site type
  • Advanced text mining categorizes visitor comments by concept and sentiment


Unlimited surveys & respondents.
Self-advancing questions for intuitive UX
Intuitive UX

Show users self-advancing questions optimized for an intuitive respondent experience.

Collect your Voice of Customer feedback using a variety of invitation/survey types
Variety of invitation types

Choose your invitation method: on-arrival survey, discrete slider survey, feedback button, embedded survey, etc.

Launch surveys for visitors in distress
Visitors in distress

Show surveys only to visitors in distress by leveraging iPerceptions' unique experience prediction technology.

Deploy surveys on any device
Multiple digital touchpoints

Deploy surveys on your website, on mobile, on tablet or in-app.

Survey templates in 35 languages

Use questionnaire templates in 35 languages for global projects.

Trigger surveys based on visitor behavior, from one code snippet
Invitation rules

Trigger surveys based on visitor behavior and manage all surveys from one code snippet.


iPerceptions' reporting engine turns data into information, quickly - so that you can take action.

Integrations with a variety of analytics platforms
Analytics integration

Connect your respondent survey data with analytics data for the "why" behind the "what" (Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.)

Advanced filtering and segmentation

Segment your data however you want with advanced filtering and segmentation capabilities.

Highly customizable dashboards to share your Voice of Customer results

Customize dashboards to your unique needs and create different dashboards for different stakeholders.

Benchmarks to compare yourself to competitors

Compare your visitors' intent, characteristics and satisfaction to your competitors with our benchmarking tool.

Advanced text mining tool
Text mining

Quickly discover themes and trends in your visitor comments with an advanced text mining tool that automatically interprets concepts and sentiment.

Starter packs to help you reach your specific site objective
Starter packs

Fast-track your projects with starter packs for your site objective (purchase optimization & conversion, user experience optimization, marketing effectiveness, customer care & support).



Get industry-specialized Voice of Customer expertise from iPerceptions analysts

With decades of industry specialized expertise, our analysts guide you through questionnaire design and data anlaysis, to help you translate complex data into clear recommendations on multiple websites, brands, regions and languages. Receive in-depth analysis reports of your visitor feedback on specific topics that you determine.

Customized, interactive dashboards

Our BI experts create customized interactive dashboards for your specific needs and help you integrate other data sources (web analytics, CRM, etc.) into them. Blend your survey responses seamlessly with all your other data.


Your dedicated Customer Success Manager keeps things organized and on-track as you navigate multiple research projects. They'll program & deploy your surveys, and integrate with other marketing tools, even in the most complex multi-brand, multi-country, multi-survey, multi-device scenarios.

Top brands use iPerceptions to improve their websites
iPerceptions' Voice of Customer solution clients



  • Dell

    Dell reduced its call center costs by $15M

    iPerceptions’ customer satisfaction metrics are an extremely valuable addition to our existing web analytics program. Their solution provided our entire team with real-time access to critical decision-support data.
    Customer Insights Manager
  • Chrysler

    Chrysler increased website satisfaction by 16%

    Delivering the best customer experience online begins with knowing exactly what your visitors want to accomplish.
    Sr. Manager, National Advertising & Direct Marketing
  • Intuit

    Intuit increased website conversion by 15%

    Since deploying the iPerceptions solution, Intuit has seen a steady improvement in conversion—it's up 15 percent on average.
    User Experience Manager
  • Chrylser

    Chrysler increased website traffic by 40%

    By constantly listening to our customers, we’ve seen tremendous improvement in how consumers feel about our brand and our ability to give them what they want online.
    Sr. Manager, National Advertising & Direct Marketing
  • Mercedes-Benz

    Mercedes-Benz improved brand perception

    We can’t get into the customers’ heads with just web analytics. With iPerceptions we saw that the videos had a positive impact on brand perception.
    Digital marketing & data analyst
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Listen to the Voice of your CustomersKnow your visitors' wants & needs.
Identify barriers to conversionIdentify barriers to conversion and increase revenue.
Benchmark by industry and site typeBenchmark by industry and site type to help you compare to your competition.

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